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How Do You Get a 2nd Opinion that You Can Trust?

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For most people, placing trust in their physician is not only implied, but necessary. With decades of schooling, how could a patient refute what they doctor is telling them?

The rise of social media and “Google Experts” in healthcare has created both education and confusion with the explosion of false, misleading, or otherwise dubious health information.

Still, a 2nd opinion is never a bad idea. In the case of a serious illness with life-altering procedures, a 2nd opinion is almost customary.

SecondOpinionExpert has made great strides recently in developing and marketing a unique set of products and establishing strategic relationships with various healthcare providers.

Their website, www.secondopinionexpert.com gives a broad approach to how anyone can get a true 2nd opinion from a professional with credentials. 

They recently teamed up with Crowdfunder.com to raise additional funding. Crowdfunder.com is the leading equity crowdfunding platform, bringing together early-stage companies and accredited investors through an innovative platform.

After raising over one million dollars through two prior funding rounds, we are seeking additional capital to allow us to continue to grow our operations and expand the reach of our services to outside the U.S. in countries such as India and China.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in this investment opportunity, please visit our Crowdfunder site:


If you have any questions, please contact Rajeev Ananda, Vice President, Legal Affairs at (805) 300-4315 or rajeev.ananda@secondopinionexpert.com

Mohan Ananda
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
SecondOpinionExpert, Inc.

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