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What No One Tells You About Your Mindset in Business

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It takes work. It takes action.

It is as simple as that.

You can’t just think good, happy, smiley thoughts and expect to get results.

There needs to be action.

There needs to be movement in some way, shape or form.

I think this is where people get stuck. I know this is where I got stuck for a long time, and I still sometimes find myself spinning my wheels. We think we have to know exactly what steps to take, but it doesn’t work like that. Make a plan, yes, and do your research. But know that action in and of itself, will start to open doors and create opportunities.

But, you have to move.

You have to start. And you have to stay consistent.

You don’t have to know exactly how everything will work out.

You might feel like you look stupid, but you don’t.

You might not produce the most amazing content on the internet, but you’re doing it. (Many people don’t even attempt to start…don’t be like them). Google Gary Vaynerchuk’s first videos from the Wine Library, where he pairs Captain Crunch cereal with wine… it will make you feel better and realize that everyone starts somewhere!

You might think that you’re not getting results, but you will. According to the Law of Reciprocity, what you put out comes back to you eventually. Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success has an entire chapter on Doing More Than You Are Paid For, and I think this type of mentality is sometimes forgotten in our modern age. There is something magical about helping people without any expectation in return. And you will eventually see things come full circle, I promise.

You might feel scared. Scratch that; you will feel scared. You’ll also feel vulnerable, frustrated and overwhelmed, but the things worth fighting for are rarely easy. Entrepreneurship can be tough, especially in the beginning, but you started your business for a reason, right?

Maybe it’s to help cure diseases, maybe it’s to have financial freedom, maybe it’s to be able to throw a ball for a dog without touching it, but whatever it is, you started it for a reason you are passionate about. Remember that when things feel scary (and rewatch the Gary V cereal and wine videos, that will bring a smile to anyone’s face)!

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Tips to get started

Look at your calendar and start to find time for action, whether it is moving your physical body (even a quick walk outside works) or reaching out to publications, people and brands about your business. Find it and commit to it.

For me, running my first Goggins challenge opened my eyes to possibilities that I didn’t think I could do. And I will say that there is something almost indescribable about the mental breakthrough that occurs when we push our bodies way past what we think we’re capable of because it truly is a mental state at that point. After that challenge, I started to wonder what boundaries I could destroy in my business as well.

Everyone is different, and if pushing yourself looks like a 30-day live social media challenge, that is great! Figure out what would work best for you and get started.

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Apparently, humans are inherently lazy. According to a Harvard professor, our ancestors exerted so much energy hunting and gathering that we are now predisposed to conserve energy at all costs. So, we’ve got that going for us.

What I have found that helps combat this is to find an accountability partner and schedule things that we know we will want to get out of but can’t. For example, when I first started my podcast, I was terrified. But I knew people had blocked out their time to be my guest, so I had to show up, and now I seriously love connecting with other business owners each week!

Find someone who will hold you accountable and push you when you want to quit. We all want to quit at some point, but when we have someone by our side, pushing and encouraging us, it makes a huge difference. Bonus if you can find another entrepreneur who would also want to create a mastermind with you (two birds, one stone).

Be kind to yourself

Most business owners that I have met are usually overachievers, go-getters and high-energy people. I think being an entrepreneur takes a different breed, and our breed can be tough on ourselves. We want results, and we want to do things perfectly. But life doesn’t work like that, not in business or our personal lives.

So, when you start on this journey of improving your mindset, wanting more, diving deeper or whatever you want to call it, please know that you will likely fall a few times (or 10), and that is ok. There is so much to learn in the journey itself if we let it!

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